What is Unibiome?


We use cutting-edge biotechnology to isolate rare and nutritive microbes. Then we study, optimize and mix them into Enhanced Probiotic Formulations that improve the nutritional value of fermented food.


Fermentation is the process by which healthy microbes process raw ingredients into enriched foods with improved taste, texture, shelf-stability and nutritional value. Humans around the world have been doing fermentation for thousands of years. In many places fermented grains, vegetables, or dairy products are at the center of local food culture: think bread, yogurt, kimchi.


That means that healthy microorganisms, sometimes referred to as probiotics, are at the center of our food habits.

At Unibiome (previously called Peer-to-Peer Probiotics), we investigate traditional fermented foods to discover new microbes that produce their unique flavor, character and nutritional profile. We isolate the rare probiotics that possess the best features, and enhance them to make them reach their full potential in terms of production of micronutrients such as vitamins and other healthy compounds. Finally, we combine them into new formulations that can be used to produce new and more nourishing fermented foods. We call this microbiome engineering.

With our technology, we can increase the nutritional value of popular foods while retaining their traditional character and the flavors that made them popular in the first place. Our goal is to target the specific nutrient deficiencies of everyone in a modular way by designing probiotic formulations that fit different needs and lifestyles, paving the way towards personalized nutrition.

Improving our nutrition and fighting malnutrition in a non-intrusive, GMO-free way is now possible.

Same food. Better nutrition.