Strain development

Microbes (sometimes referred to as probiotics) are present in fermented foods in every single culture in the world. At Unibiome we improve the fermentation process of foods, via the design of enhanced probiotics; this allows the production of super foods leading to health benefits.

The process

process - copie



End users do not have to change their food habits: they can have access to better nutrition from the same fermented foods they usually eat (i.e. bread, yogurt, etc.)



The wide variety of the microbial world and the richness of metabolic pathways allow us to target most bioactive molecules and to scale to the whole spectrum of nutrient deficiencies.



Unibiome’s approach is paving the way to an optimized health, by taking into account various needs and various food habits.



Vitamins, essential fatty acids and other micronutrients are necessary to sustain one’s life. We can select Next Generation Probiotics for their capacity to produce micronutrients using the food they ferment.


Many bioactive molecules have low bio-availability, due to various biochemical reasons such as intestinal degradation, chelators, etc. We can select probiotics for their capacity to improve the bio-availability of these molecules.

Gut inflammation

Chronic gut inflammation affects 11% of the global population. Several proteins produced by bacteria have been shown to be alleviating gut inflammation. Next Generation Probiotics can be selected for their anti-inflammatory properties.